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Welcome to Arizona Territorial Adventures

1. What should I wear?
Comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, closed-toe shoes, sun glasses, sun screen and a hat would be best.  Some ladies have found a sports bra is a good idea.
(Better to know that now, rather than later.)

2. Do we need to bring water?
No, water and soda are provided

3. Will I need to bring my camera?

4. Is the vehicle opened, closed, covered?
When the weather permits, which is a great deal of the time, the sides of the Jeep top are rolled up to allow for an open-air experience.  The top is left on to keep our guests in the shade.

5. Does the cost of the tour include a gratuity?
No. We believe if you enjoyed the experience and desire to give the guide a gratuity that is up to you.  Not mandatory, by any means, but always appreciated.


Tours fees and schedule

Morning tours begin at 8:00 am from most area hotels and resorts.
Afternoon tours begin at 1:00 pm. We provide water and soda.

(kids 13 and older)


(6 and older)


Children under 5


Call Walker with any questions you may have regarding tour pickup locations and times.

We will accept Cash, Personal Checks, and Visa and Master Card.
Prices can be changed.

Thank you,
Walker Remington

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